Stokes Pumps

Piston Pumps

CFM Inv # Model Description  




Stokes microvac pump, rotary Piston

208-230 / 460V 3 Phase and is rebuilt

and ready to go


80 STO225 149H-10

Stokes microvac pump, rotary Piston

208-230 / 460V 3 Phase sold as rebuilt and painted




CFM Inv # Model Description  




Stokes direct drive blower 208-230 /

460 Volt Motor 3 Phase-Sold

serviced in good running condition.




* Exchange Program Terms and Conditions

All core exchange program pumps and compressors must be returned to: Associated Vacuum Services at 630 S. Grand Ave. Ste 110, Santa Ana, CA 92705. All exchanges must be returned prepaid within 30 days to be considered for the exchange program. We strongly recommend returning the exchange back in the same crate or container that was sent to you. The shipper is solely responsible for properly packaging or crating the equipment for shipment. Any damage to the equipment due to improper packaging will be at the sole expense of the shipper and depending on the extent of the damage, may cause the exchange to be refused. Final acceptance of the returned exchange will be determined at our facility within 7 working days of receipt. All exchanges must be in reasonably good condition and considered repairable. It must be apparent that this equipment was recently in service and any evidence that it has been tampered with will result in its rejection. If a core exchange is rejected, the customer will be notified and is responsible for its return shipping cost or disposal. All rejected exchanges will result in an additional charge for the cost difference between the published exchange price and purchase price.